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    Nowadays, I am very interested in the world of HackTheBox (HTB). For the ones who does not know anything about HTB, is a platform where you can find online VMs to exploit or challenges to solve in order to get some flags (small piece of text) which is submitted to a website in exchange for points. So, today I bring you, how to tackle Netmon.

    First of all, getting access to the HTB network.


    sudo openvpn Marmeus.ovpn

    Once inside the network, it is time to scan some ports.

    nmap -sS -A



    Although, we already knew what Operative System is running. Nmap show us, some interesting things… :D The most important are:

    1. Running anonymous FTP login: We have access to its guts :D
    2. Running a web server (PRTG bandwidth monitor): Some VMs have vulnerabilities in their web servers.

    The other ports right know, I have been looking for some exploits and they do not work. Hence, I am going to continue searching witch the FTP port.

    The best way to browse through FTP is with lftp:

    lftp Anonymous@

    NO password required

    It’s time to find the user flag:


    Privilege escalation

    Although, user’s flag has been found, we are not done here. Let’s see if we can find some credentials for the web app. Advice: instead of using “$ ls”, a better option is “$ ls -la”, which will show you hidden files.

    Finally, browsing for hours I have found some weird files:

    Because their weight and huge number of lines, I am going to download them in order to analyze them.

    mget PRTG\Configuration.old.bak

    Once files have been downloaded, I am going to analyze them using diff:

    diff 'PRTG Configuration.old' 'PRTG Configuration.old.bak' \>


    nano differences.txt

    Scrolling down a little bit, I find this beautiful username and password.

    Therefore, let’s move on to PRGT Web monitor:

    What!?!? This can’t be happening to me!!! After trying several times, I changed 2018 by 2019 and the result was…


    Browsing through “setup/Notifications/Email and push notification to admin” and then, scrolling down, I found a way of executing programs with admin privileges. Hence, I’m going to execute this powershell script in order to get my beautiful root flag :D

    Parameter: >shark.txt; Copy-item "C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\root.txt" -Destination "C:\Users\Public\sh4rk.txt" -Recurse

    In order to execute the script you need to click save, and go back. Once there click on the bell that is in the right side of the screen, then click on accept and... gotcha!

    You will find your flag at C:\Users\Public\sh4rk.txt